Singing and exchange of Correspondence regarding with the grand aid for the Samoa National University Faculty of health Science and Equipment Plan

Foreign Minster KAMIKAWA and Prime Minister Fiame Shaking hands
Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA and Prime Minister Fiame Exchange signature
On February 10th, a signing and exchange ceremony took place in Apia, the capital of the Independent State of Samoa, between Japanese Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA and Prime Minister Hon. Fiame, regarding the Samoa National University (NUS) Faculty of Health Science Facility Development Plan.This leads to the provision of 2.401 billion yen in grant funding.
This cooperation aims to construct a comprehensive facility for the Faculty of Health Science within the Le Papaigalagala Campus in Apia, Samoa, which will include educational and training facilities, lecture rooms, medical laboratories, and a Learning Resource Center (comprising a library and lecture hall). The project aligns with the Samoan Ministry of Health's "2019/20-2029/30 Health Sector Plan", focusing on the development of health care personnel, addressing the shortage of medical professionals, aging facilities, and budget constraints, with a particular emphasis on healthcare personnel training.
During the measles outbreak in 2019, despite the availability of vaccination materials through donor support, there was a problem maintaining an adequate vaccination rate due to the shortage of medical professionals with the necessary expertise. This experience highlighted the urgent need for enhanced education in the health care sector.
Through this cooperation, it is expected to improve the quality of education in Samoa's health care sector, strengthen the training of health personnel, and assist in overcoming the vulnerabilities of the country's health care system. Japan commits to continuing its partnership with Samoa to build a healthy and sustainable future through further cooperation.